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The strength of the adhesion is determined by the surface energy of the material. The higher the surface energy, the stronger the bond and lower the surface energy, the weaker the force. On high energy surfaces a tape or adhesive can flow or “wet out”, which assures a stronger bond. Silicone Carrier Film, single sided high pressure sensitive tape which can be applied to a variety of purposes, not limited to a specific use. It is high heat resistant and low adhesion tape with no residue after peeling off. Carrier tapes are one of the most essential components for bringing your product safely to your customer. As a leading manufacturer of carrier tape sand carrier tape forming systems, Daest Coating offers various packaging solutions. Adhesive tape refers to any one of a variety of combinations of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Different backing materials and adhesives can be used depending on the intended use. Carrier tapes are provided in single and level wind reel configurations. The number of meters of carrier tape that will fit on a given reel is conditional upon the pocket pitch, pocket depth and reel configuration.