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LCD Protection printing PET film is specifically designed to protect LCD Laptop & Monitor screen. It comes with excellent initial tack & high adhesion and no residue after peeled-off from the surface. The tape or film coated with rubber adhesive (Synthetic Rubber). The tapes protect the surfaces of various LCD optical films, such as those for polarization, retardation, diffusion, and brightness enhancement. Our products protect optical films in various scenes, including production, processing, and transportation. PET film (Polyethylene terephthalate, often abbreviated PET) is the work horse of the polyester family. It is the most common thermoplastic polymer that is used in fibers for clothing, containers for liquids and foods as well as thermoforming in manufacturing. In textile applications, PET is referred to by its common name, Polyester, but in packaging applications it is almost always referred to as PET. Protect your camera’s LCD from fingerprints, smudges, scratches, and other unwanted residue or incidental damage with this LCD Monitor Protection Film. A hard coating core layer also protects your LCD from scratches. Protective film protects the LCD from scratches and nicks during shipping, as well it protects against fingerprints and dust during installation. Most screen come with standard protective film, which is easily identifiable by adhesive tabs which hold it on the sides. PET film can be highly transparent and colorless, but thicker sections are usually opaque or off-white. PET film does not however, provide resistance to high temperature applications.