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This is a very low-adhesion film used as a secondary material to improve yield in film and foil processing. It has excellent dimensional stability and causes no heat-shrinkage damage to the adherent product even in high-temperature environments. It also has strong chemical resistance. Excellent dimensional stability in heating processes and a design that minimizes curling. No adhesive deposit on the adherent product. Silicon-free release film, so there is no risk of contamination. Also has excellent chemical resistance and anti-scratch properties. Can be easily peeled off after use thanks to its light-peel design. Protective films for preventing film/foil curling, wrinkling and foreign-matter adhesion while undergoing heating. Carrier film for printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board Processes. PET protective film uses PET film as a substrate, the coated acrylic/ silicone adhesive, made it has low adhesion, but long-term fit, for high temperature protection and removed without adhesive residue. Used to protect flat panel display panels (LCDs, OLEDs, EL, the PDP, the CRT, touch screens, mobile phones, digital cameras and PDA panel), to avoid scratches in use, protection of the screen panel. Since superior heat-resistant PET base material and adhesive are used, stable adhesive strength is maintained at high temperature heating. There is no residual adhesive either. Excellent machining characteristics make it suitable for protecting the adherend against damage and soiling during cutting, punching, and bending. Since tackiness at the adhesive is low, punching and cutting are easy. Easy visual inspection
Printing defects, etc. can be judged at a glance because the base material is transparent.