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High Temperature Masking Tape


High Temperature Masking Tape is an excellent heat resistance & chemical resistance acrylic adhesive single sided masking tape/film that is used for gold plating in FPCB manufacturing. It is easy to peel off (Less adhesion) means less contamination to adherend substrate.

Feature Heat-Resistant, Excellent heat resistance & chemical resistance
Brand Name [DST] Masking tape
Model Number: ST-5335K, ST-5536
Adhesive: Acrlic
Adhesive Side: Single Side
Adhesive type: Pressure Sensitive
Color Amber
Price Negotiable
MOQ Negotiable
Supply Ability 300000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day


  • Excellent Heat-resistance and high chemical-resistance
  • Easy to peel off (Less adhesion) 
  • Leaves a masking side clear and pure
  • Less contamination to adherend substrate
  • Masking tape for gold plating in FPCB manufacturing


  • ST-5335K

– Excellence in heat resistance tape based on Acrylic adhesive and PI film

– Less occurance of ‘Outgas’ in the situation of high temperature

– FPCB Etching masking tape

– Low-adhesion tape for FPCB protection

– Color : Amber

– White release paper liner