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High Insulation masking tape


High Insulation masking tape is a single coated high heat resistance tape used for Semi conductor BGA module manufacturing. It is general used silicone tape laminated with fluorosilicone release liner that can be supplied as die cut and  suitable for insulation finishing work. The product is also featured with 70um total thickness and 200gf/in peel strength.

Feature Details
Brand Name [DST] Masking tape
Use Masking
Material Polyimide
Model Number: ST-830LAFL
Adhesive: Silicone
Adhesive Side: Single Sided
Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive
Color Amber
Price Negotiable
Design Printing: No Printing
MOQ Negotiable
Feature Heat-Resistant, Fluorosilicone Release Liner
Supply Ability 300000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day
Supply type Roll / Die cut


* Generally used silicone tape
* High heat resistance and Excellent Insulation effect
* No residue after removal
* Laminated with Fluorosilicone Release Liner -> can be supplied as die cut
* Used for Semi conductor BGA moudle manufacturing
* Suitable for insulation finishing work


– Polyimide based silicone PSA tape
– FL liner is added
– Total thickness : 70um
– Peel strength : 200gf/in
– Temperature resistance : 240C x 10 min (removed cleanly)
– Color : Amber