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Tapes with a polyester film backing and different adhesives. Polyester film backing imparts excellent chemical and thermal stability. Polyester tapes are great for insulating applications requiring a thin, durable tape with high dielectric strength. They can withstand higher temperature conditions than tapes with acetate cloth backings. They are conformable, exhibit excellent chemical, solvent and moisture resistance and resist cut-through and abrasion. It also offers excellent solvent resistance; good wet grab; smooth and is suitable for use on automated equipment. Thin, high strength polyester film meets low caliper requirements which won’t interfere with most machinery processes. Aggressive acrylic adhesive provides quick stick and excellent long-term holding in splicing applications. Polyester backing resists tearing and protects surfaces from abrasion and rough handling. Temperature resistance enables tape to perform in high temperature operations. This tape has an aggressive, long lasting acrylic adhesive that maintains excellent solvent resistance and long-term aging properties. Metalized Polyester tape will not discolor over time and is UV resistant. It is flexible and dimensionally stable to 302F. It also features high reflectivity of both light and heat radiation, excellent heat resistance and easy unwind characteristics. Metalized Polyester can be used for splicing in high temperature applications and for a sensing tape for automated equipment used in sorting and counting. It can also be used in photo sensing applications to detect splices to facilitate roll change-over.