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A series of high adhesion tapes based on polyester film. … Double-faced self-adhesive tape combining high tack, high shear and high adhesive peel strength. It also has resistance to a wide variety of solvents/fuels.  High Insulation masking tape is a highly heat-resistant and excellent insulation effect with fluorosilicone release liner. It is high wettability that prevents epoxy leakage. In addition, the product is laminated with fluorosilicone release liner which can be supplied as die cut. It is also used for high insulation masking process. The General Purpose Adhesives bond to high surface energy substrates and some medium and medium high surface energy materials. High performance tape adhesive products are top performers for a range of applications. Off-the-shelf or customized, Daest Coating is able to provide customers with the quality solutions they expect and deserve. Offering consistently high tack, peel and shear, these high performance tape adhesive products are designed to meet even the most demanding applications. High adhesion tape is a pressure sensitive product that has high tack and high shear. Suited for a variety of assembly applications, this high performance tape adhesive had good adhesion to metals and most plastics. It also has good temperature resistance at a workable viscosity. High adhesion tape is a hot melt pressure sensitive that has high die-cutting ability. It also has high release and high tack and peel properties. This product bonds well to corrugated material at room temperature and is commonly used for tire and battery label applications. Tack is the property that controls how quickly a bond is formed when it is brought into contact with a surface with very slight pressure. It is ability of the adhesive to “wet” the surface that it contacts. There are applications where tack (specifically high tack) are important.