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High Heat Resistant Masking Tape, a single sided silicone adhesive high pressure sensitive tape/film protect electric terminal from damages by high heat. It is easy to adhere various type of surface with a high adhesion and insulation. (Plating, masking, and packaging). It is designed for designed for finish work on various surface & heat resistant masking and insulation wrap for various backing materials, masking & splicing of surface needed by high temperature resistance. PET silicone Masking Tape is a single side silicone adhesive tape which is used for the front side of a core finishing work. The product is easily adhere to various type of surface with a high adhesion so no residue when you remove or peel-off it. It is also a best insulation tape designed for insulation finishing work. High heat resistance PI masking tape is a polyimide based silicone PSA tape with high heat resistance and excellent insulation effect. The product is featured with great adhesion (500gf/in) laminated with fluorosilicone release liner and can be supplied as die cut. It’s red in color, suitable for insulation finishing work & High temperature masking & PCB HAL process. A Premium Crepe Paper Masking Tape exhibits excellent adhesion, tack and good cohesion strength. The adhesive is a specially formulated rubber based for high temperature application. It also has good resistance to solvents, oil and water. Masking tape protects surfaces not intended for painting and is commonly used with masking paper or film. It has a thin crepe paper backing that tears easily, resists lifting and conforms well to a variety of surfaces.