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Hard coat films of the type found in wide variety of applications are traditionally produced by spraying or casting solutions or emulsions onto a surface followed by evaporation of a solvent. A hard coat can be defined as a protective polymer applied to a substrate for abrasion, chemical resistance or other surface characteristics.  The thickness of the hard coat typically ranges from about 1μ to about 20μ depending on the polymer and the application technique. Hard Coated PET Films are designed to provide protection to the surface of touch screens, graphic overlays, membrane switches, signature capture units and flat panel displays in abusive, high light or harsh environments. High abrasion resistance and chemical resistance enable durable and long surface life. Users should ensure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s). Features are highly scratch and abrasion resistant surface protects display device, Easy to clean surface, Available with a low surface energy coating, Print receptive coating, High chemical resistance and UV ink receptive coated surface available on reverse side.