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Hard coated film shows excellent scratch resistance, good chemical resistance and high lifetime when used under challenging environments. A proprietary Nano structured coating provides functional, aesthetic, mechanical and haptic properties while our custom engineered coating lines process the material under an ISO accredited quality system. Anti-scratch silicone low adhesion PET film consist the hard-coated layer protects any scratch on surface and no residue after peel-off from the surface. The product has great wettability and no air bubbles. This is laminated with White PET liner so ‘die-cut’ is possible due to lamination with a liner. Hard coated PET films are designed to provide protection to the surface of touch screens, graphic overlays, membrane switches, signature capture units and flat panel displays in abusive, high light or harsh environments. High abrasion resistance and chemical resistance enable durable and long surface life. Users should ensure the product meets the specific needs of their application(s). Hard-coated film with less Newton rings and very few foreign particles. You may use our Tuftop for a body or window film of mobile phones and touch panel surface, etc. We have self-repairing coated film with its excellent fracture repair capability and mold ability. Hard coated films are developed using a plasma deposition process that provides multiple benefits compared to soft coatings. The plasma deposition process is tightly controlled using a computer, which allows for even layering, high environmental aptitude, and improved performance. For instance, not only is the transmittance of a hard coating more consistent as a function of wavelength, but it is also generally superior to the transmittance of a soft coating.