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Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water and grease resistant. It is usually available in densities between 50–90 g/m2. It is translucent unless dyes are added to color it or make it opaque. It is manufactured by super calendaring: after pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of alternating steel and fiber-covered rolls called a super calendar at the end of the paper machine such that the paper fibres flatten facing in the same direction. Glassine is most commonly used as a base for further silicone coating for manufacture of release liner. Glassine is also employed as an interleaving paper in bookbinding, especially to protect fine illustrations from contact with facing pages; the paper can be manufactured with a neutral pH, and can prevent damage from spilling, exposure, or rubbing. Glassine is a very thin and smooth paper that has great air and water resistant. Unless dyes are added to change its color or to make it opaque, it is translucent in nature. Glassine is manufactured by Super calendaring. This pressing of the paper fibers in the machine direction, produces a super smooth, acid-free and un-buffered surface. Features are Offers excellent hardness for Die Cutting, Smooth surface for calliper control, Suitable for rotary/flatbed die-cutting, Preferred for Transparency.