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Glass Protection Tape is the perfect solution for protecting glass in transit, storage or installation.Our glass protection tape is quick and easy to apply and remove from smooth surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue, making it an ideal surface protection tape for glass. Glass protection tape Protect windows, mirrors and high gloss surfaces from moving damage and paint overspray’s. Glass protection tape reduces the possibility of shattering and breakage of glass while in transit, especially useful for picture frames. Attaches to most surfaces including paper and can be removed easily leaving no sticky adhesive behind. Glass protection tape has UV resistance of up to six months and also offers substantial time and cost savings against traditional protection methods such as bubble wrap due to its efficiency through lack of waste. Glass Protection Tape is designed to prevent damage to artwork should glass become broken in transit. Pieces of broken glass remain adhered to the adhesive film and away from your valuables. The film is made with a rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive that shouldn’t leave a residue within three months of application. Urethane surface protection film, a silicone coated protection film used on ‘Surface Protection’ tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA protector, blue tape). In addition, the product has a featured of high heat resistant and excellent wettability strength. Containing these features, it is easily adhere and peeled off and protects goods from any scratch & stain. Smartphone glass screen protection film, a defensive film/tape in light of polyester film with silicone glue and intended for touch telephone window, glass, and PMMA and PC assurance. The item accompanies against scratch and great wetting alongside no residue when it peeled-off from the surface.