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Semi-conductive Polyester Tape is a highly heat resistance & Excellent Insulation effect used for masking purpose. It is single coated with silicone adhesive and PET base film. It’s also laminated with fluorosilicone release liner and can be supplied as die cut. It is used for FFC cable and material key protection purpose. It is easy to adhere so no residue after removal. Fluorosilicone release liners are primarily used in conjunction with silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA’s). With the fluorosilicone coating and the silicone PSA being reactive, maintaining a stable release is much more difficult compared with a silicone coating and an acrylic/rubber based adhesive. Release liners are paper or film materials with specialized non-stick coatings for adhesive tape, sealant, composite handling, dispensing and processing applications. Release liners are materials with specialized non-stick coatings for adhesive tape. Film liners are available in Polyester, Polyethylene, or Polypropylene. Both paper and film liners are typically coated with a silicone-base adhesive on one or both sides for ease of release. Selecting the release liner substrate is often based on properties such as caliper, smoothness, stiffness, tensile, heat and moisture resistance, dimensional stability and die cuttability. Fluorosilicone liners are much more expensive than silicone liners and do not have the wide range of formulation options compared with traditional silicones. Matching up the adhesive and adhesive processing with the liner is critical in achieving desired results. One liner will not give the same results with all silicone adhesive offerings. Future developments will be directed to optimizing liner stability and tailoring the product for the application.