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Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives have been available for more than 30 years. Their high cost has tended to limit their use to applications where it is not possible to use a conventional pressure sensitive adhesive. In addition release liners have been restricted to either expensive, solvent based fluorocarbon coatings or embossed films which tend to allow the adhesive to dry out. Release liners based on silicone (PDMS) chemistry are used extensively in the tape market. Liners serve one or more several useful functions: they are used as a carrier sheet onto which the adhesive is cast; they protect the adhesive during storage and transit; they provide a functional support during die cutting and printing, they carry useful product instructions; and ultimately they release from the adhesive leaving it undamaged. Most importantly, the release material must not compromise the subsequent performance properties of the tape. Urethane surface protection film, a silicone coated protection film used on ‘Surface Protection’ tape ((curved) touch screen/glass/PC/PMMA protector, blue tape). In addition, the product has a featured of high heat resistant and excellent wettability strength. Containing these features, it is easily adhere and peeled off and protects goods from any scratch & stain. Description are like it Protects goods from any scratch & stain , Excellent wettability (PU film product) -No bubbles, Great elongation from Urethane film : can be applied to curved adherends, Easily adhere and peeled off, Provides heat resistance effect, Customized product is available from R&D and production and No residue on a surface.