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Fabric tape is made from cotton fabric with an adhesive backing and sold on a roll. Simply cut, peel and stick – strips of fabric tape can be used in so many craft projects. We can use fabric tape for gift wrapping, card making, home decorating, and other craft projects. We can use it in place of regular sticky tape or washi tape. It can be used to decorate glass, wood, or paper.  It has a lovely texture and adds a sweet finishing touch to your next project. Fabric Tape is a rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane laminated to polypropylene fabric backing.  The membrane is wound onto a disposable silicone treated release sheet to prevent the membrane from sticking onto itself while in the roll. Fabric Tape is used around pipe penetrations with an annular space of pipe through opening exceeding ½”, end laps and for patching damaged areas of the Blindside and Underslab waterproofing membranes Material is UV resistant and exposure should not exceed 30 days. Fabric Tape used in several applications like Decorate Vases and Glass Jars ,Add a couple of contrasting strips of fabric tape to a glass jar to add a focal point, Sealing Bags and Gifts.Packaging home baked cookies in a clear cellophane bag with a strip of fabric tape is a sweet finishing touch. Cupcake Flags – Dress up your cupcakes at your next high tea. Simple fold a strip of fabric tape around a toothpick, and cut a V from the end to create a little flag. Decorated Pegs (Clothespins) – Add a strip of tape to a wooden peg (clothespin). These pegs are so handy for attaching cards to gifts, displaying small projects/fabric swatches around your sewing studio.