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Electrical tape (or insulating tape) is a type of pressure-sensitive tape used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. It can be made of many plastics, but vinyl is most popular, as it stretches well and gives an effective and long lasting insulation. Electrical tape is something that every DIYer should have in his/her toolbox. The tape can be used for many purposes, from repairing minor electrical wire damage to preventing pipes from freezing in winter. However, there are some times when electrical tape should not be used at all, and other times when knowing how to properly use it will make your job easier. Electrical tape is made from non-conductive material, which means that in most cases it will not allow electricity to pass through it to ground. Electrical tape is normally made from vinyl now-a-days, and is sticky on one side. There is also a type of electrical tape that costs more money called self-amalgamating tape, which is preferred by some electricians. Electrical tape can be used to cover a wire spice, or to reinforce the bond between wire nuts and wires.  The color of a wire nut indicates what combination of wires can be safely bound together. Electrical tapes that are ideal for insulating, attaching, bundling, sealing and marking cables. Electrical tape is an essential component of any installation, repair and manufacturing project. Daest coating invented vinyl electrical tape and today we offer durable, reliable electrical tapes, designed to protect in the most challenging environments.