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Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. For example, double-sided tissue tape, an easy-to-rip double-sided tape, is created by applying adhesive to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wound with a silicone paper to avoid it sticking to itself. Substrates such as silicone rubbers and foams; polypropylene, polyethylene and other low surface energy surfaces can now be bonded to easily with Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes. In addition, the silicone adhesive holds with high shear, has good peel strengths, and has reliable solvent resistance. An acrylic adhesive is a resin-based adhesive that is comprised of acrylic or methyl acrylic polymers. Acrylic adhesives are very strong and efficient at bonding multiple objects together. They are resistant to sunlight, not easily broken up by water/humidity, and can withstand temperature fluctuations. The acrylic adhesive offers good shear resistance and adhesion to a variety of surfaces. This double coated differential adhesive tape product offers a unique solution for wide web lamination of silicone materials (e.g. foams, rubber, films, etc.) to many other surfaces, including low surface energy materials. Self-amalgamating tape is a non-tacky silicone-rubber tape which when stretched and wrapped around cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes combines or unites itself into a strong, seamless, rubbery, waterproof, and electrically insulating layer.  Acrylic Foam Tapes (AFT) are high performance bonding products, designed to provide engineered assembly solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. They are ideal for replacing mechanical fasteners and liquid adhesives in permanent applications where a very high strength bond is required.