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Double Sided Mounting Tape has a high tack permanent adhesive with excellent ageing and weather resistant properties for automotive emblems, decals, moldings and mirror fixings. Double Sided Mounting Tape also has a good resistance to solvents, chemicals, UV and heat with excellent ageing and weather resistant properties to ensure a strong and robust finish. Double Sided Mounting Tape is a double sided, polyethylene foam tape with pressure sensitive adhesives on both surfaces, protected by a siliconised paper liner that is the ideal way to put up mirrors and heavy objects up to 10kg without having to use nails or screws. The high quality, high tack adhesive combines excellent tack with load bearing properties for interior applications to various substrates including plastics, polycarbonate, PVC, PE, PS, glass, wood, metals etc. Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them. This allows for neater-looking projects and better craftsmanship. Double-sided tape can be either thin or dimensional. Dimensional tape is thicker, and is of particular use to retail and signage uses where it can be used to allow signs or displays to stand out with a 3-D effect. Double-sided tape is created by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a carrier material. For example, double-sided tissue tape, an easy-to-rip double-sided tape, is created by applying adhesive to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wound with a silicone paper to avoid it sticking to itself. Most adhesive tapes are manufactured in log form, such as a large 1 to 3 meter wide roll, and then an adhesive tape converter is used to slit the rolls into the required widths. Faster, safer, and more versatile than screws and nails, this general purpose mounting tape is designed for attaching items up to two pounds to virtually any smooth wall or surface. Made in USA. This double-side foam tape can be used on most of walls ceramic tile, and wood-surfaces. Mounting Tape offers a flexible way to permanently wall mount your objects. These smart tapes give permanent hold on four different surface types.