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This is a high quality permanent adhesive sheet. The adhesive is very smooth and is coated on both sides of a very thin (1 mil) polyester film. … This adhesive was designed for use for mounting professional photographs and is also used for collages, book covers, making double-sided cards and more. Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets add instant fun dimension to arts and crafts projects at school, home, or church. Featuring sticky surfaces, these sheets can be used for virtually any artistic project ranging from diorama building to paper crafting and modeling, but they’re especially designed for turning your foam into stick-tacular pieces. Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. … For example, double-sided tissue tape, an easy-to-rip double-sided tape, is created by applying adhesive to two sides of tissue paper, which is then wound with a silicone paper to avoid it sticking to itself. Double-sided tapes are used for many different industrial applications and also by craftspeople and consumers. They are perfect for bonding two parts permanently and irreversible; for attaching them firmly while still being able to reposition them; or simply for affixing things for a limited period of time. Depending on the components used within a tape, the tape offers specific characteristics that make it suitable for specific applications. The kind of adhesives, backings, primers, etc. making up the adhesive tape define its characteristics and can be adjusted perfectly to the demands of an application. Adhesive tapes consist of various functional layers. The adhesive layer can be applied to either one or both sides of the backing (to create single- or double-sided tape). Double sided adhesive tapes have transformed manufacturing processes by providing faster assembly and improved design flexibility. By replacing spot welds, rivets, screws, bolts and clips, double sided high performance adhesive tapes eliminate the need for holes, meaning fewer structural weak points and a more efficient production line. Double sided adhesive tapes form the basis of the technical adhesive solutions that we provide throughout manufacturing industries, including automotive, electronics, energy, and healthcare.