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Double-sided foam tapes can be used to compensate for gaps, bond different substrates and to dampen unwanted noises or vibrations. Double sided foam tapes with tackified acrylic adhesives have a higher initial bond strength and also offer design gap compensation and excellent dampening properties. This makes them ideal for applications where shock absorption is a consideration, especially at very low temperatures. Our strong double-sided adhesive tape receives its unique and outstanding performance characteristics through its sophisticated concept. It is manufactured from closed cell urethane foam and furnished with pressure-activated adhesive. In addition to its unique bonding strength, it exhibits other great properties – it acts as sealant and is absolutely waterproof. It facilitates an invisible transition at the edges and is available in various dimensions, including the brand-new 50 mm width. Double sided foam tapes with pure acrylic adhesives offer long term performance in tough outdoor applications, for example, fixing and bonding automotive badges and trims. Double-sided foam range provides solutions to practically every industry for bonding, mounting, fixing and joining applications. The products are economical, easy and quick to apply, clean to use, adaptable, versatile and consistent. Double sided foam bonding materials consists of a wide range of PVC, PU and PE foams coated with a variety of adhesives. We can supply the foam tape range in a variety of formats including logs, rolls, spools, pads, discs, sheets, washers, gaskets or other die cut shapes to suit every application requirement. Typically double-sided, foam tape is available in a number of high-strength, resilient materials, including acrylic, neoprene, polyethylene and polyurethane foam. … In other applications, such as sealing gaps in walls or windows, foam tape provides heat and sound insulation.