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Copper Tape and Foils are used in electrical applications and produced as per international standards with copper constitution comprising that of 99.99%. Further, these are made available in different industry standards as followed internationally including JIS, BS EN, DIN, ASTM and IS as demanded by customers.
Further, the offered range of copper tapes and foils also come with high temperature elongation properties, tight ductility range, designed to provide high bond strength, thermally stable micro-structure, extended thermal stability as well as electrical properties. Copper Foil offered finds usage in electrical applications and match up to the demands of international standards that includes the presence of copper content of 99.99%. These foils come with improved single side treated electro-deposited finish that comes with enhanced high-temperature elongation properties. The copper coils also come with thermally stable microstructure with high resistance to oxidation. A versatile product, copper foil tape is a popular choice for use across a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. At All Foils, we have years of experience ensuring our customers have the right foil tape, in the right size and gauge, to match even the most exacting specifications. All Foils’ adhesive copper foil tape can be produced in gauges and thicknesses ranging from .0005” to .010,” with adhesive thicknesses ranging from .002” to .005”. Available in conductive and non-conductive adhesives, we also offer a variety of release liners to match your needs.