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Metal Foils include Aluminum, Copper, Lead and Stainless Steel, available plain (without adhesive), or with acrylic, rubber conductive or silicone adhesive on one or both sides in any combination. Depending on the chemistry and construction makeup, foil tapes are used for sealing or their electrical and thermal conductive properties. Copper Foil Tapes are used for EMI/RFI electro-static shielding applications. These foil tapes are available plain or with conductive or nonconductive adhesive in custom sizes and shapes. The foil tape, which comes with a conductive adhesive backing, is fixed in place prior to painting. Once painting and baking are completed, the peel off mask can be removed to expose a conductive foil surface to which an EMC gasket can be fixed. Conductive foil tape provides an effective alternative to selective plating or chromate conversion on painted surfaces. Conductive foil tape offers a cost-effective solution to EMI shielding. Tapes are available in both copper and aluminium with a conductive adhesive. The tapes can be used to seal joints on enclosures and for ground termination between panels on shielded rooms. Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape is a high strength, dead soft aluminum foil coated tape with a specially formulated conductive pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system. The tape features good adhesion, malleability and adhesive conductivity to allow for extremely low resistance and to make this an excellent shielding tape for EMI and RI shielding applications in the electronics industry. Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape is a 2 mil aluminum foil backed tape consisting of a high strength, dead soft aluminum foil backing and a conductive acrylic adhesive. This tape resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation and many chemicals. It is a thermally conductive tape ideal for heating and cooling efficiency. It helps reflect heat and light and is malleable to conform to irregular or uneven surfaces.