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The clear coats and plastic or metal parts of brand new cars are only perceived as high quality if they are clean and not damaged. Our surface protection range provides self-adhesive tape solutions for safe global vehicle transportation. In a globalized world, protection films, pads, and car covers reduce the risk of damage in automotive logistics processes. These superior protection tapes result in less damage and meet the high expectations of car dealers. Our solutions provide resistance against climatic influences and keep freshly painted clear coats clean. Automotive plant operations require safe assembly line processes. Interior surface protection tapes prevent scratches on sensitive substrates. Our tape solutions resist mechanical impacts on different surface energy profiles. Properties are Protection of finished car bodies for Long time (6 months) from the UV rays of the Sun while on transportation or on storage ,Protection against light mechanical damage acid rain, bird droppage etc. during transportation export via sea, Save cost on finishing car at dealers end, Easy to remove, No residue while removing.