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Polyester tape is well suited for applications such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, general industrial, web processing, solar, composites, military, appliance, and transportation. It can be used for splicing, insulating, edging, reinforcing, protecting, sealing, flash breaking, tabbing, roll closing, powder coat masking, and anodizing. Tapes with a polyester film backing and different adhesives. Polyester film backing imparts excellent chemical and thermal stability. Polyester tape are Works in demanding conditions and high temperatures ranging from -60ºF (-50ºC) to 400ºF (204ºC), Clean removal during high-temperature masking operations such as powder coating, Polyester film offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility. Polyester (PET) Tape with Silicone Adhesive is used for high temperature masking tape. Used in Powder Coating, Spray coating, Plating, Electroplating, Anodizing, high temperature splicing tape. (Polyimide) Tape (-100F to +500F) is used when temperatures are higher than the temperature range of Polyester (up to 310F). Polyester Tape has a silicone adhesive and is ideal for higher temperature applications. It has a low shrink backing and is very transparent allowing for easy alignment, offers clean removal and no residue. Recommended for E-Coating and Powder Coating. Polyester tape are Designed for high temperature holding, paper splicing and high temperature masking in powder coating. A thin, flexible polyester tape well-suited to fine-line masking and/or smooth, curved surfaces. Withstands 400F oven temperature cures, and removes cleanly afterward. Blue film tape is an excellent heat resistance electric insulation which is used for FFC socket protection, Air conditioner, Printer and other appliances. Blue film tape is acrylic adhesive and polyester material is used with no release liner. Blue film tape (ST-5534SB) is mostly used in electric products.