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Battery protection tapes, Polyonics also manufactures a variety of double coated flame retardant tapes that insulate and bond batteries and associated components plus help prevent the propagation of fire. The tapes offer exceptional dimensional stability to help continue to insulate components at extreme temperatures. The halogen free, REACH and RoHS compliant tapes help insulate components from external heat sources while providing a thin conformal bond line (<50µm) for bonding batteries and associated components to chassis, boards, etc. Using FlameGard technology, the Polyonics battery tapes form a char layer to help prevent the propagation of fire. The tapes include high strength and high temperature halogen free adhesives (PSAs) to allow bonding to a variety of surfaces and to tight radii. Tape construction options allow the PSAs to be different on the two sides of the tape to optimize bonding to dissimilar surfaces. CELL-Tape’s unique self-adhesive silicone seal ensures that the tape will attach easily where needed, without leaving the messy residue associated with butyl rubber CELL-Tape’s weatherproof shield continues to provide protection for the life of the connection. Available in black, white, yellow, red, blue and green, CELL-Tape is ideal for color-coding complex installations at the tower. “The color range allows easy identification of RF, power and control cables at the tower top, By color-coding the cable connections respective to the devices they lead to, less time is wasted locating cables when monitoring installation or making repairs. “Able to lengthen by three hundred percent, CELL-Tape provides a tight weather shield by contouring to the point of application with minimal usage and maximum economy. “Overlapping two-thirds of the CELL-Tape on itself creates a watertight bond “To apply you just peel back the CELL-Tape’s clear lining to uncover its adhesive strip, then stretch the tape around the cable, with the end overlapping the previous layer to complete the weather proof shield. CELL-Tape offers a cleaner, cost-conscious alternative. Carriers are concerned with the expense and time taken to locate and replace weather worn connections at the tower top. RFS’s CELL-Tape is used as redundant protection when combined with Rapid Fit connectors to ensure connections are properly protected for the life of the installation, avoiding unnecessary expense down the line. Able to withstand temperatures from -54 to 260 degrees Celsius, and appropriate for applications up to 12,000 Volts, RFS’s CELL-Tape ensures air- and water-tight bonds are easy to apply, easy to identify and easy to repair.