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The High Strength Tape from gives you a strong double-sided adhesive tape, convincing through extra-strong performance characteristics. It was especially developed for applications in the industrial and automotive field. Double Sided Tape is a high quality double sided PET tape with solvent acrylic adhesive that combines high initial tack and good shear properties. This mounting tape finds application in several industrial fields, i.e. uses in fixing decorative trim such as PVC profiles in the craft and furniture industry, mounting battery packs, lenses and touchscreens in electronic devices, mounting and bonding in the appliance industry. Automotive Double Sided Foam Tapes offer great solutions to typical applications for attaching trim parts and bonding seals throughout the car body. For ex:-Door and Window seals, Door Cladding and inlay, Roof rails,Spoiler,Rocker panel moulding,Parking sensor retainers. Double-Sided High Bond Automotive Acrylic Foam Tape has excellent lamination property to the HSE surface of substrate such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium, Poly-Carbonate, ABS etc. Flexible and firm construction provide the excellent property for thermal, humidity and UV irradiation resistance. No screws, nails and bolts needed for application. Double-sided acrylic foam tapes with super-strength adhesive power. Useful in a range of industries including automotive, signage and electronics. Automotive acrylic tapes use automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved acrylic foam core and adhesive technology. Acrylic tapes are stronger, higher performing, and stress handling products than other automotive attachment tapes. These tapes offer more robust performance to a wide variety of automotive substrates. Applications Includes side moldings, rocker panel moldings, wheel flares, bumper trim and other exterior and interior automotive trim components.