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Anti Scratch Film is a very high performance anti-scratch film used for the protection of surfaces on high value products as well as signage/nameplates to be placed in harsh environments. This product is also ideal for laminating touch screens. The Anti Scratch Film is a self repairing urethane membrane which means that moderate scratches will eventually disappear, and the adhesive used is an acrylic with excellent aging properties. This Anti Scratch Film will not discolour and remains glass clear in situ whilst ensuring clean peel upon removal even after long periods. This Anti Scratch Film is available in gloss finish and is priced by the linear meter at two different widths 610mm and 1220mm. This Anti Scratch Film is widely used for the ongoing protection of touch screens as found on ipods, ipads and other tablet computers and new desktop computer screensSurface preparation is paramount for achieving the required bond when using this pressure sensitive adhesive.