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Glare is the largest obstacle to clear window displays, but adding our Anti-Glare Film will ensure that your investment is fully visible. Brick and mortar retailers are increasingly looking for ways to upgrade their retail window displays, but bad glare can ruin the entire experience. Eliminating or reducing the reflection of your window with anti-glare window film increases your displays quality and lets you trick the viewer’s eyes into taking a second look.Anti-Glare film provides the ideal solution to reduce glare and to diffuse harsh reflections on screens affected by high ambient light and sunlight. This optical film is available as a self-adhesive retrofit product designed for installation directly to the screen surface. Our Anti-Reflective/Anti-Glare film can also be installed directly to store windows, video walls, glass partitions and other flat surfaces causing glare or reflection. The surface of the film includes a UV stable hard coating, forming an impact resistant shield that is anti-scratch, anti-graffiti and chemical resistant. The matt finish also provides a super smooth non-friction surface for touch screen displays and is durable and easy to clean. Anti-glare film is applied much like a window tint and can be installed in just a few minutes, application liquid and a squeegee is all that is required in addition to the film itself. Storefront window displays are advertising, it has been said that any advertising campaign that is not tracked is not worth the money and investment to make it happen. Storefront window displays are entirely essential to a local business and many times the only form of advertising many stores engage in. Anti-glare film will add value to your local marketing dollars and give you the required tools to transform one of your largest assets into a producing machine.