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Anti-finger protection film, a single coated silicone adhesive tape or film used for the protection of touch phone window, glass, PMMA & PC. The protection tape or film based on polyester film laminated with a liner that can be provided as Die-Cut goods. It has excellent wettability with no air bubbles. Descriptions are Protects touch screen window (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.), Prevents damage (scratch, strain) on various windows, Glass, PMMA, PC protection , Depends on the surface of subject material and usable condition, various types of film (Polyimide, Polyester, etc.) and adhesives (Silicone and Acrylic) will be selected, Excellent wettability,No air bubbles when applied, Easy to peel off, Provides various products depending on the surface of the subject material and usage conditions, Anti-finger treatment, Customized product is available from R&D and production, No adhesive residue on an window.